Express yourself

I think Baloch people have some kind of problem in terms of self-expressing. Actually this problem seems to fade , but its results remain in some people. Let me talk frankly, self-expressing is not Baloch-related problem. This problem exists in Eastern nations in a large number. Not speaking about yourself ordinated in people’s characteristics. All people show some kind of intrinsic feeling and thoughts. All intend not to share some of their feelings. At the other extreme, there are people with extrinsic intention. They are so willing to show their feelings. They can get in touch with other people easily. In my belief Baloch are moving toward extrinsic side. For example, number of Balochs’ web logs are increasing. This is a very good sign. This shows that they are going to share their knowledge and experiences.

If we have a look on Baloch history we wont find much more written stuffs. Lack of written documents has a very clear message that is they were unable to gather written documents because of malfunctioning of the language as well as unwillingness to express themselves. During my previous attempts, I always try to convey this message to my audience that they should write as much as they can. This a historical obligation to save our cultural elements and also to transfer them to the next generation. I encourage all, specially Balochs, to write their daily notes, anecdotes and if they are expert, they can write in their fields.
Don’t Be Shy and Express Your Thoughts

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