K or G

If you are a Gnu/Linux user you can distinguish between KDE and Gnome desktop. I am not going to compare these two famous desktops just want to share my experience using of them. At the first using of Gnu/Linux I used Redhat. I can’t remember  what kind of desktop it had, but it’s not so user-friendly.
After a long time I come back again to the open-source world. Working with two fedora, I reached to Ubuntu.
In two versions of Fedora I added all packages. When I updated my old Fedora to new one it took a lot of time. About my desktops I should say that I used both of them. I did all my works in Gnome but adhered to  KDE’s programs. I used G environment for its stability. K desktop always crashed and it made me so angry.   But here is a very important point, I can’t ignore K’s application at all. KDE 3.5 was very horrible. When I entered I could get out of it until I should reboot my PC. If you change the place of mouse indicator that’s enough for crashing. Wow!
But now in new KDE things are going better than before. Crashes are very rare. Some of applications are not working properly like Akregator or Ark. Remember I’m using KDE 4.1.2 not the newest of K. as I heard form guys working with new one, it has a very good development.
For ending of this note, I think both of named Desktop are good in their places. It depends on your request and what you’re going to do with your computer. A lot of my friends do not recommend to use both Desktop in one computer, but I think it is not bad idea having both altogether.
Do you want to join us in open-source world?

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