What’s going on these days?

These days I am fully integrated with Mediawiki. I am working with Balochi localization of Mediawiki. I’ve finished translation of most-used word. Now, I should finish core. Localization is very hard especially if the target language is so different from English. For example, one of the problem is direction of writing. Balochi is a ‘RTL’ language like Farsi, Arabic. Translating word among PHP tags is so hard. It make all things harsh.
I love Wiki’s style. It is very simple and strong. At the first look, it may seem hard-to-learn but if someone tries a little he can overcome at last. Here I should be grateful to Mardetanha. He is one of administrators of Metawiki. He did me a big favor and he me a lot. He made Wikipedia Baluchi test project. I hope Baloch community contribute as much as possible to Wikipedia Balochi project in order to be alive. I ask all folks, if they can help me in wikipedia Baluchi, to support this incubator-based project.

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