I am addicted

When I am sitting behind my working table, I never feel how time goes. Surfing through the net is very attractive. I am always involving with two concerns: reading and writing or better to say typing.
I’m spending all my time near my PC. I’m translating different user interface software. As I have a look on my clock I find couple of hours pasted. Sometime In my imagination I hope that there would be a halt for the time.
For my today note, I think it is not bad idea to write about my net addiction. When I got up my first concern is about checking my emails. Look on my blog and website statistics are the next. Walking around IRC channels,checking my user talk pages in wikis and reading new feeds are all in my checklist.
Now I am disconnected. Wow, another part of my job would begin,translation. I enjoy translating very much. Being a good translator is very hard specially if you’re forced to translate among codes. I am using gettext files for translating. Some software like Mediawiki has a extension that enables online translation.
All these stuffs you’ve read make me very busy and depended these days. I sometime feel I am getting addicting.

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  1. sorry for contacting you here but mostafa put more on your advogato “hello” entry otherwise people will see the right-to-left and think you’re a spammer. you’re up to 7 out of 15 already. just a couple of sentences “hi i’m a free software sysadmin i work on fedora and my homepage is in both english and arabic” or put something at the top of _this_ page saying “systems programmer / sysadmin” in english. and welcome to advogato, sorry for using your blog to communicate with you, i can’t find an email address in english for you! many apologies..