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Today I want to add some points to ongoing discussion about localized spins in Fedora Project. As a member of translation team, I think there is no need to create such spins. In translation of any packages there are two surfaces that every localizers can work on. The first one is the translation of GUI. As my experience shows that great majority of users prefer to use the source language rather than their localized GUI. This case is very special for RTL languages, like Persian and Balochi. Because the users   based on their previous experience with LTR interface are not familiar with this new interface. He can spend sometimes on RTL environment for example here, then when he surfs in internet, he uses LTR web pages. So the translated UI is not as favorable as we expect. For example, I myself get confused as I use a translated UI, because I don’t get accustomed a RTL interface at all.
The next item is translation of documentations. This is the point we should emphasis in localizing. A lot of Fedora users are not English native speakers or have difficulties in understanding English. As they get into trouble in using Fedora they are unable to find any local help, I mean in their computers. Localized docs can be useful here.
Shall we have a localized spin? frankly I should say that NO. As I check in Transifex in Fedora I find that we have 89 languages. If the Board authorized creation of a language-based spin for one language or two, the other languages that don’t have any spin up to that time may request a new spin. One day we have a lot of spins. I think it’s better to have a plan in development process to have some sort of modifications in coding for example in Anaconda. As a user select his region, for example, Anaconda  suggest usage of localized version. developers can think about installing of selective packages based on users locale, for example.

Any thought?Idea?

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  1. There may be some countries like yours and mine where the huge majority of the users prefer the English version, but it other parts of the world (say Germany or France) the use of local languages is widespread.

    I pretty much agree Fedora does not have, and will never have, the resources needed if all locales would request a spin

    I don’t think Installing and Anaconda are the problem, but Live Media, where the users don’t get to see the list of available languages. They get to GDM where with the lack of flags (not allowed), is hard to figure they have the option and where the options is. If the live media is not writable and their locales are not included by default due to space restriction, then hte localization is useless.

  2. اے شعرا، من چہ واجہ امین دھواری ۓ وبلاگ زرتگ و پہ بلوچی نام و نشان ۓ ھدؤناکاں ادان پدا شنگ کناں۔ واجہ دھواری، چونائیا، بلوچی زبانۓ تھا نؤک باھندین شاعرے، بلے، چو دلۓ پاھار، دلا جل دنت و سؤچ انت و جہ منند بنت۔ امیت انت کہ شما را ھم دوست ببیت والبت اے واجہ ۓ دلبڈیا ضرور بکن ات۔
    منا پهل کن ات که من په وتی دلا، نبیسگئ رهبندا بدل کرتگ تا که وانگئ آسانتر و راحت تر به بیت.
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