let’s welcome Fedora 14

Today is Fedora’s day. Fedora release numbers reached to 14. Fedora 14 contains some good features like KDE 4.5 and D Programming. You can  find all features here. If you want to check a quick tour of Fedora 14 just see here.
Fedora 14 is very special version for Persian l10n team and all Persian community because of two great events. Fedora Persian localizers made great contribution after several years. Based on Fedora translation instance, Transifex, we have more than 33 packages with more than 80 % translated strings. Another big step in translation of Fedora is Fedora documentations. we initiated translation of Fedora Docs into Persian. Now we have a localized version of Doc site for Persian. Here I want to thank all my fellows in Persian team for such a big contribution.

During development of Fedora 14 we had an event for gathering Fedora users in Tehran. This event was the first promoting event of Fedora in Iran. So I think Fedora 14 is an lucky release for Persian users. 🙂

Maybe one day we have a FUDCO in Tehran,who knows? 🙂 😀 what do you think about new fedora?

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