Farewell Fedora Project

Hello dear Fedorans

I am Mostafa Daneshvar. I was very enthusiastic contributor in Fedora Project. During this time I’ve made all my efforts to promote Fedora in Iran. I help guys from Iran to have a wiki for themselves. Attracting more than ten translators, some web programmers and OS developers were some of my activities within this time. I took part in different teams and introduced Fedora to them.

During my work I deal with a lot of difficulties. I tried to find a way to make Fedora available as much as possible in Iran, but the U.S laws caused problems for me.

My last project for Iran was Freemedia. I’ve sent some DVDs for guys in different cities in Iran. I think there is a will to stop me anyway and I should confess that he could do his job and halt me.

I’m writing this letter for the purpose of protesting against what’s going there and challenging the U.S laws. Hereby I want to describe my leaving procedure. I will :

    post this letter to Board

    publish it in my weblog and Fedora Planet

    switch off Mail delivery of all lists related to Fedora

    be a very simple user and not more

    promise to be a nice guy 😀

I won’t:

    put my contributions here

    say any word about Fedora to anyone

    reply any emails requesting information or anything related to Fedora

I may get back to the stage if I feel there is an opportunity for me there.

At the end I want you all to have a look on http://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/balance/c5070.html

(How do you want to justify this balance?)

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  1. That is a shame! Please don’t leave the free software community in general. If you want to work with another distribution, please consider Debian GNU/Linux, otherwise you may want to work on GNOME or Linux or some other upstream project.