Be Yourself

In my first note I can remember that I mentioned there we have a big problem in expressing our feelings and thoughts. I argued that different people aren’t able to say what they think. In this note I am going to discuss instability in characteristics. You may deal with different people during your life. When you are talking to them you may notice that you have different styles in your speech. While you are speaking in front of a group educated people, your utterances would be different if you talk to an ordinary person.
Psychologists believe that human beings have a Child in side themselves. Sometime this Child are matured and sometime is a boob. Word selection, structure of your sentences and your emotion will show your level of maturation. Social position has an influence on showing appropriate behaviors. Your stand in a society make you to select a good and matured behavior.
One of the big problem of our society is people are not aware of this fact. Sometime a respectable man shows silly behaviors. This problem also has another sign. Nowadays, people do not behave as they are. They try to hide their intentions and ‘The Child’. They utter some speeches not belong to them. They pretend they are someone else. Deliberately they want to kill “The Child”. They want to act behind a real or unreal character. This is instability in characteristics. Instability makes all things installable. Your life would be mishmash if you don’t show your realty.
My last word is “BE YOURSELF

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